Sorrento Typical Products

Ciliegia della valle dell’Irno
Bracigliano and Siano, together with a small… more
Cipolla bianca di Pompei
This onion is very widespread in Campania… more
Marrone di Roccadaspide
This variety of chestnut, like the others… more
Castagna di Roccamonfina
At the beginning of the 1400s the Franciscan… more
Albicocca del Vesuvio
The origin of the apricot is shrouded in uncertainty… more
Carciofo di Paestum
Statistical documents from the Kingdom of Naples point out the presence … more
Melannurca Campana
This apple is medium-small, flattish or rounded… more
Fico Bianco del Cilento
Fig growing in the Cilento area dates back to… more
Pomodorino del Piennolo
It is well known that the tomato came from America… more
Nocciola di Giffoni
Hazelnuts have always been present in Campania; so much so… more
Castagna di Serino
The Serino chestnut contributes to the high quality of chestnut… more
Pomodoro San Marzano
This is the ‘plum tomato par excellence”and one of the… more
Kaki napoletano
In the twenties, shortly after persimmon growing began in… more
Castagna di Montella
In Montella, in the heart of the Irpinia area, the chestnut has been… more

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