Cheeses, both soft and aged, are a very important part of the Italian diet and also have their place in Neapolitan cooking: some recipes are descended from very old Roman traditions. Starting from the freshest ones, the most used are:
* the ricotta di fuscella, very fresh and light, was originally sold in hand-made baskets. Commonly found now as a filling for certain pastas.
* the ricotta fresca, eaten both fresh, and as side ingredient (for instance, on top of pasta with Neapolitan ragù
* the ricotta salata, salty, slightly aged, typical of the Easter period
* the caciottella fresca, of Sorrento’s peninsula, with very delicate taste
* the mozzarella di bufala, fresh cheese made with buffalo’s milk, produced mostly on the region of Aversa and in the plain of Sele river.
* the fiordilatte, similar to mozzarella, but made with cow’s milk; it is best produced in the region of Agerola
* the provola affumicata, a fiordilatte with scent of oak wood smoke, light brown on the exterior, more yellowish inside
* the bocconcini del cardinale, or burrielli, small mozzarellas, preserved in clay pots, flooded into cream or milk
* the scamorze, white or smoked
* the burrini di Sorrento, small provolone cheese with a butter hart
* the provoloni, the caciocavalli of different aging

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