Neapolitan cuisine has a large variety of cakes and desserts. The most famous ones are:
-sfogliatella, in two varieties: frolle (smooth) o ricce (curly). Two variation are the santa Rosa, larger and with an additional stuffing of cream and black cherry, and the code d’arargosta (lobster tail), with a bignè inside and stuffed with various types of cream.
-Zeppole di San Giuseppe, deep fried or baked
-Pastiera, prepared for Easter holidays
-Struffoli typical Christmas cake
-Delizia al limone
Ice creams are famous as well. The most traditional are the coviglie and the spumoni.
Christmas Eve dinner is usually the time when all family members join. It is typically done with spaghetti alle vongole followed by capitone fritto and baccalà fritto (deep fried eel and stockfish); as a side-dish there is the Insalata di rinforzo, a salad made with steamed cauliflower, giardiniera, spicy and sweet peppers (pupaccelle), ulivs and anchovies, all dressed with oil and vinager vinagner.
Christmas cakes are: Struffoli – Roccocò –  Mustacciuoli –  Susamielli – Christmas Eve dinner is completed with the ciociole, which are dried fruits (walnuts, hazelnuts and almonds), dried figs and the castagne del prete, baked chestnuts. Christmas lunch has typically the minestra maritata or hand-made pasta with chicken broth.
Easter food: The main Easter dishes are the casatiello or tortano, a salty pie made with bread dough stuffed with various types of salami and cheese, also used the day after Easter for outdoor lunches. Typical of Easter lunches and dinners is the fellata, a banquet of salami and capocollo and salty ricotta. Typical dishes are also lamb or goat baked with potatoes and peas. Easter cake is the pastiera.
Other holidays: Carnival has the Neapolitan version of lasagna, that has no béchamel sauce, unlike other Italian versions. As dessert, there is the sanguinaccio with savoiardi biscuits, or also the chiacchiere, diffused all over Italy with different names. November 2 (All Souls Day) cake is the torrone dei morti, which, unlike the usual torrone is not made with honey and almonds, but with cocoa and a variety of suffings, like hazelnuts, dried and candy fruits or also coffee and more.

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